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Artists are not OK right now. ​ There will be very few Dance Performances.... No New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre Pennsylvania Ballet and few very few Nutcrackers which is a Ballet Companies Lifeline. ​ Broadway is closed until 2021.

Cirque is filing for bankruptcy, 

Elliot Feld/Joyce Theatre  laid off 90% of its workforce permanently, cruise ship performers are out of work, theme park performers have no idea when they will be recalled. ​ There is no time frame for when we will all be able to go back to the jobs that most of us have only known. There isn't a pill that will allow us to be back in the theatre on January 1st, magically. Many of my friends, when we are allowed to head back into the theatre, won't be there. Some were living on the edge before this pandemic, and this loss of work has made them change careers. Some were ready to retire, and this just pushed them over the line. Some have felt abandoned by the companies that they have given their blood, sweat, and tears to for years. Some have died from Covid-19. Some have taken their own life. Some will not be able to get back into shape after nearly a year off from dancing. Some are giving up pursuing their dream. Sadly, some companies that we work for will not make it through this storm. ​ I am not okay. None of us are okay.

We need you. Please help us through this incredibly confusing and challenging time. Reach out to anyone you know that is affected by this. We need to feel less alone; believe me; we feel very alone. The performing arts contribute nearly $1 trillion to the US economy. We have regenerated your cities, neighborhoods, schools, and each of us has somehow touched you personally with our work. If you can, please support your local arts organizations. We need them to be there for us when this is over, and you need us to be there when this is over.

I am not okay.

Give them a virtual hug and make sure they are taken care of. Donate to arts organizations and keep arts alive.

Our hearts and souls need it NOW more than ever.



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